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Table 1 Sources of pharmacy data

From: Integrating historical clinical and financial data for pharmacological research

   Financial Historical Clinical Current Clinical
Type 1993 to 2010 2010 to date 1993 to 1999 1999 to 2003 2003 to date 1995 to date
EHR/Financial System Allegra Epic for Business OACIS e-Chart Cerner Millennium Inpatient EpicCare Ambulatory
Pharmacy Module - - MS Meds PharmNet, CPOE CPOE
Automated pharmacy charges    
Manual pharmacy charges
Pharmacy data in the EDW 1999 onwards  
Metadata Financial (charge codes)  
  Dispensing (dispense codes)      
Vocabularies NDC [32]  
  Multum [30]     
  MediSpan [31]      
  1. A list of financial & clinical systems that contain pharmacy data, their availability in the EDW, and the type of metadata and vocabularies available for each system.