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Table 3 Main themes identified from open-ended question, with illustrative quotes

From: Recruitment difficulties in a primary care cluster randomised trial: investigating factors contributing to general practitioners' recruitment of patients

Theme Illustrative quote
Time constraints "I intended to try to recruit patients but I think there is too much going on during the consultation to assess LBP that to add to it by discussing a 'study' would have been information overload. So unfortunately, recruiting for your study was the first thing to go - just not enough time for everything in general practice."
Few eligible patients "Most of my patients have chronic LBP and were not eligible for the study. Only a couple I encountered who were eligible."
Forgot to recruit patients "It probably would have helped to have a few reminder emails. I tried to make myself remember by putting up a sign at eye level beside my computer, but that didn't help."
Confusion about recruitment strategies "All the documentation and stamps arrived. My understanding was that your researcher or office would contact our office manager to explain the study. This did not occur. I was left without direction."
Lack of patient interest "Few patients were approached and not interested, then I lost the interest."
Lack of patient incentives "Suggest a free physiotherapy appointment/or better still a $30 petrol voucher for their time if complete survey. You would be inundated."