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Table 1 Price weights for the estimation of costs*

From: Good agreement between questionnaire and administrative databases for health care use and costs in patients with osteoarthritis

Cost items Price weight Source
General practitioner (GP) services
GP visits $62 Average private fee from 10 Dunedin (New Zealand)
GP offices
Prescription $12  
Analgesics Price weight based on New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule
Anti-ulcerants medication dosage and number  
Psychotropics of tablets/capsules issued  
Hospital costs
Inpatient services $3,983.33 multiplied by inpatient
service case weights
New Zealand's case-mix framework for publically funded
hospitals for fiscal year 2008/09: WIESNZ08
Emergency visits $322 Hospital's volume schedule from funder
Outpatient orthopaedic visits $158  
Rheumatologist visits $210  
Medical imaging $55 multiplied by relative value
unit of procedure
Imaging contract between the Accident Compensation
Corporation and the hospital
  1. *All monetary values are in 2009 New Zealand dollars (NZD); the conversion rate to US dollars (USD) at 2009 purchasing power parity is $1 NZD = $0.63 USD.