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Table 1 Corresponding Million Women Study (MWS) and National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) variable descriptions

From: Lifetime body size and reproductive factors: comparisons of data recorded prospectively with self reports in middle age

   Age(s) when   Average age
  NSHD variables recorded MWS variables of reporting
Variable* (measured, M, or reported, R) (years) (self-reported) (years)†
Birth weight Birth weight (M) 0 Birth weight 55.3
Whether breastfed Duration breastfed (R by mother) 2 Whether breastfed (yes/no) 55.3
Mother's height Mother's height (R by parent) 6 Mother's height 55.3
Father's height Father's height (R by parent) 6 Father's height 55.3
Body size, age 10 Body mass index (M) 11 Relative body size at age 10 55.3
Age at menarche Whether periods started and age (R by mother) 14-15 Age at which periods started 52.1
Body size, age 20 Body mass index (R) 20 Clothes size at age 20 55.3
Use of oral contraceptives Ever use of oral contraceptives (R) 31, 43 Ever use of oral contraceptives 52.1
Age at menopause Date of last period if stopped for 12+ months (R) 47-54, 57 Age when periods stopped for 6+ months 52.1
Weight Weight (M) 53 Weight 52.1
Height Height (M) 53 Height 52.1
Body size BMI derived from weight and height (M) 53 Clothes size at resurvey 55.3
Waist circumference Waist circumference (M) 53 Waist circumference 55.3
Hip circumference Hip circumference (M) 53 Hip circumference 55.3
Chest circumference Chest circumference (M) 53 Bra band size at resurvey 55.3
  1. * The following derived variables were also compared between the studies: Body mass index (derived from Weight and Height); Waist-to-hip ratio; Waist-to-height ratio.
  2. † Among women matched to both studies.