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Table 5 Associations between ordinal MWS body size variables at various ages and corresponding NSHD anthropometry

From: Lifetime body size and reproductive factors: comparisons of data recorded prospectively with self reports in middle age

    Spearman P
MWS variable and age NSHD variable (units) and age N r* (trend)†
Relative body size at age 10 Body mass index (kg/m2) at age 11 306 0.51 <0.001
Clothes size at age 20 Body mass index (kg/m2) at age 20 302 0.63 <0.001
Clothes size at resurvey Body mass index (kg/m2) at age 53 316 0.79 <0.001
Clothes size at resurvey Waist circumference (cm) at age 53 316 0.79 <0.001
Bra band size at resurvey Chest circumference (cm) at age 53 291 0.73 <0.001
  1. MWS: Million Women Study. NSHD: National Survey of Health and Development. N: numbers of women with non-missing values for both the MWS and NSHD variables.
  2. * Spearman rank correlation coefficient for the strength of a monotonic relationship between the ordinal MWS variable and the continuous NSHD variable.
  3. P-values for overall significance of linear regressions of continuous NSHD values against ordinal MWS values.