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Table 1 Two copies of the six Temperature/Solution combinations, plus a column of random numbers.

From: Design of a factorial experiment with randomization restrictions to assess medical device performance on vascular tissue

Temperature Solution Random number
Temp1 Sol1 0.617940611
Temp1 Sol2 0.739488341
Temp1 Sol3 0.088714721
Temp2 Sol1 0.556090887
Temp2 Sol2 0.55227804
Temp2 Sol3 0.691030612
Temp1 Sol1 0.286876071
Temp1 Sol2 0.535759581
Temp1 Sol3 0.882488882
Temp2 Sol1 0.981425728
Temp2 Sol2 0.228304389
Temp2 Sol3 0.606414609