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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics of included resources that reported recommendations for investigating clinical heterogeneity in systematic reviews of controlled clinical trials (N = 101)

From: Investigating clinical heterogeneity in systematic reviews: a methodologic review of guidance in the literature

Descriptive Characteristics N1
Type of publication Statistical paper 44
Narrative review or expert opinion 29
Methodological review 14
Consensus-based guideline 9
Textbook 5
Decade of publication 2000s 70
1990s 27
1980s 4
Guidance on statistical methods 75
Clinical variables (general 2 or specific) recommended 39
Process for choosing clinical variables recommended 28
  1. 1. The number (N) of resources equals the percentage of resources since we include 101 total resources.
  2. 2. The term “general” means that the resource listed the term “patient”, “intervention”, or “outcome” as a category from which to consider covariates without suggesting specific variables.