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Table 2 Variables used to identify delivery admission hospital records for mothers

From: Investigating linkage rates among probabilistically linked birth and hospitalization records

Description ICD10-AM/ACHI codes
Delivery O80-O84
Outcome of delivery Z37
Preterm delivery O60.1-O60.3
Delivery procedures 90467-90470, 16520
Postpartum sutures 16571, 16573, 90479-90481, 90485
Other procedures associated with delivery 90472-90477
Analgesia and anaesthesia during labour and delivery procedure 92506,92507
Induction and augmentation of labour 90465,90466
  1. ICD10-AM diagnosis codes from the International Classification of Disease Version 10, Australian Modification.
  2. ACHI procedure codes from the Australian Classification of Health Interventions.