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Table 3 Identification of variables for unlinked hospital records

From: Investigating linkage rates among probabilistically linked birth and hospitalization records

Group Description ICD10-AM/ACHI codes
Infants Preterm birth P07.2, P07.3
  Apgar1 < 4 P20.1
Mothers Diabetes O24, E10, E11, E13, E14
  Hypertension O10, O11, O13-O16
  Induction 90465
  Caesarean section O82, Procedures: 16520
  Placenta praevia O44.1
  Placental abruption O45
  Duration of pregnancy < 25 weeks O90.1, O90.2, O90.3
Singleton   Z37.0-Z37.1, Z38.0-Z38.2, O80-O83
Multiple births   Z37.2-Z37.7, Z38.3-Z38.8, O84
Stillbirth   Z37.1, Z37.3, Z37.4, Z37.6, Z37.7
  1. ICD10-AM diagnosis codes from the International Classification of Disease Version 10, Australian Modification.
  2. ACHI procedure codes from the Australian Classification of Health Interventions.