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Table 7 Further estimates of β2 from repeated attempts modelling

From: An exploration of the missing data mechanism in an Internet based smoking cessation trial

Covariates included Participants included β2
Smoking related All 0.176 (0.228)
Non-Smoking related All 0.258 (0.217)
None All 0.245 (0.220)
All Younger (36 and under) -0.013 (0.606)
All Older (37 and over) 0.333 (0.258)
All (except sex) Men -0.302 (0.738)
All (except sex) Women 0.359 (0.240)
All Those who receive 5 calls or less 0.296 (0.165)
All plus the email attempt depends on the number of failed telephone calls All 0.217 (0.221)
  1. Estimates of β 2 are shown, with standard errors in parentheses, when omitting particular combinations of covariates and participants.