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Table 2 Mean sample size collected over 10,000 resampling bouts from 1,000 simulated data sets with uniformly distributed HPV positivity, and over 10,000 resampling bouts from 1,000 data sets with a triangular distribution of HPV positivity

From: Tracking type specific prevalence of human Papillomavirus in cervical pre-cancer: a novel sampling strategy

Distribution of HPV positivity in data True prevalence Sample size collected to classify proportion positive for HPV type
   Mean St. dev.
  Low 40.76 5.73
Uniform Moderate 48.27 4.51
  High 21.29 3.46
  Low 43.37 4.83
Mode = 0.05 Moderate 48.91 4.22
  High 22.51 4.54