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Table 1 Summary of indicator markers and keyword groups

From: Optimising the use of electronic health records to estimate the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis in primary care: what information is hidden in free text?

Indicator codes – based on code Example codes
(full list available in Additional file 1)
Inflammatory arthritis diagnosis Seronegative arthritis, polyarthropathy, arthralgia of multiple joints
Rheumatoid Factor test RhF , latex test, Rose Waller (included regardless of result)
Synovitis Synovitis
DMARD prescription List of drug names drawn up from British National Formulary
Referral to Rheumatology Rheum. disorder monitoring, Rheum. treatment change, Rheum. management plan given, Under care of rheumatologist
Joint signs and symptoms Joint abnormal, joint swelling, reduced joint movement, joint movement painful, joint stiffness, inflammation joint, etc.
Keyword groups – based on text Example search terms
Full list available in Additional file 2
Rheumatoid Arthritis RA. RhA, rheum arth,
Positive rheumatoid factor test Positive RhF , rheum fac +
Inflammatory arthritis Polyarthitis, seronegative arthritis, inflammatory arthritis
Synovitis Synovitis