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Table 1 Biology-based risk algorithms using data available from chart review

From: Validation of a registry-derived risk algorithm based on treatment protocol as a proxy for disease risk in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

  Age (years) WBC (x109/L) Immunophenotype Cytogenetics& MRD#
  1 - 9 <1, ≥10 <50 ≥50 B T Low risk High risk Negative Positive
Algorithm 1* SR HR SR HR - - - - - -
Algorithm 2* SR HR SR HR SR HR - - - -
Algorithm 3* SR HR SR HR SR HR SR HR - -
Algorithm 4* SR HR SR HR SR HR SR HR SR HR
  1. HR High risk, MRD Minimally residual disease, SR Standard risk, WBC White blood cell.
  2. *For each algorithm, patients were classified as standard risk only in the absence of any high risk feature.
  3. &High risk cytogenetics included t(9;22) (BCR-ABL), hypodiploidy (<45 chromosomes), or any 11q23 (MLL) rearrangement.
  4. #MRD positivity was defined as ≥0.01 residual blasts.