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Table 6 Examples of primary outcomes reported in register with primary outcome reported in abstract classified as “partial agreement”

From: registration can supplement information in abstracts for systematic reviews: a comparison study

  Abstract Classified as
1 Retinal thickness in the peak oedematous field on the retinal maps of the fast module scans of the Stratus OCT Retinal thickness by fast retinal thickness mapping by optical coherence tomography at 0,2,4,8,10,15,20,30,60,90,120,and 180 min after last swallow of glycerol Extra information in
2 Visual acuity Mean change in best corrected visual acuity as assessed by number letters read correctly on ETDRS eye chart at starting test distance of 4 meters from baseline to 1,3,6 months Extra information in
3 ETDRS best corrected visual acuity at 2, 6 and 12 weeks; OCT at 2 and 6 weeks; fluorescein angiography at 2 and 6 weeks Best corrected visual acuity, OCT foveal thickness, fluorescein angiogram Extra information in abstract
4 Change from baseline in major symptom complex score over period 1, consisting of runny nose, sniffles, itchy nose, nose blows, sneezes, and watery eyes Mean change from baseline of major symptoms related to seasonal allergic rhinitis Extra information in abstract
5 Retinal detachment rate; surgery-related complications; patient comfort; refractive change; visual acuity; OCT Retinal detachment rate at 6 months Extra complementary information in both sources