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Table 4 Barriers to participation cited by decliners

From: Reasons for participation and non-participation in a diabetes prevention trial among women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

Barrier category Description Number of times cited (and percentage of respondents who cited barrier)
Travel distance/Transport Distance to location of intervention; travel expense; lack of transportation 80 (51%)
Child care commitments Cannot leave children; do not want to leave children; children too young to leave; lack of childcare; leisure time dedicated to children/family activities 52 (33%)
Lack of time/Too busy Lack of time to commit to the programme; time commitment required too great; unable to commit to specific times; own and partners’ work schedules; child’s school and activity schedule 48 (31%)
Research and intervention deterrents Research fatigue; discomfort with test procedures; programme times/content 26 (17%)
Not concerned about diabetes risks Given the all clear on post-partum tests, therefore not concerned about risks 23 (15%)
Lack of social support Lack of a network of friends or family to provide practical or emotional support 9 (6%)
Already taking action on own Does not need this programme as taking action on her own 8 (3%)
Health too poor to participate Acute health problems take precedence over chronic health problems 3 (2%)
Other reasons Planning a pregnancy; caring for parents; learning English; currently living abroad 6 (4%)
No reason given Not interested in participating 4 (3%)