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Table 3 Comparison of first and second ranking attempt

From: Can electronic search engines optimize screening of search results in systematic reviews: an empirical study

Review Attempt Terms Included in Top 500 Recall
Gibbs [11] 1 non-genital "human papilloma virus" hpv viral topical local cyrotherapy random* 11/27 0.41
  2 topical placebo* viral follow-up treatment* verru* wart* random* 18/27 0.67
Yeung [12] 1 run* distance prevent* reduc* footwear brace orthos* orthotic* random* 6/11 0.55
  2 prevent* tendon* knee ankle foot* hip injur* random* 6/11 0.55
Towheed [18] 1 osteoarthritis "global assessment" "range of motion" function* adverse toxicity hip random* 6/17 0.35
  2 placebo pain analgesic anti-inflammatory nsaid* hip osteoarthrit* random* 8/17 0.47