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Table 4 How OR of having a second BCG dose (in HU controls as compared to neighbourhood controls) varies when controlling for biological and social variables

From: Selection bias: neighbourhood controls and controls selected from those presenting to a Health Unit in a case control study of efficacy of BCG revaccination

Adjustment variables OR of having a second BCG given being a HU control compared to being a neighbourhood control
  OR 95%CI
Adjusted matched* 1.81 1.37–2.40
Controlled for   
Sex 1.83 1.38–2.42
Contact with TB 1.81 1.37–2.40
Head of family employed 1.79 1.35–2.38
Income of the head of family 1.83 1.38–2.43
Piped water 1.77 1.33–2.35
Ownership of   
Washing machine 1.84 1.36–2.45
Frigidaire 1.87 1.40–2.48
Videocassette 1.85 1.39–2.46
  1. *Matched, controlling for year of birth as a continuous variable