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Table 2 Strengths and considerations of an electronic data collection system.

From: Automated inter-rater reliability assessment and electronic data collection in a multi-center breast cancer study

Strengths Considerations
Flexible with amount and type of site-specific electronic data available for preloading May not be cost-effective if the data collection instrument is short, there is no mixed data type and/or number of data abstraction sites is small
Combines data abstraction and data entry into one step and allows for real-time data cleaning, so that data were immediately available for analysis Resources needed for
1. system and manual development
2. training
3. hardware
4. software
Ease of managing data from multiple locations Skilled personnel needed at each site throughout the study period
Efficiency in data management from
1. automated algorithm for eligibility verification
2. integrated sampling scheme so that abstraction can be stopped once the sampling quota is reached
3. algorithm to defer abstraction until follow up period is complete
Readily allows for development of subsequent systems such as automated Inter-rater reliability process