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Table 1 Information on the 31 studies included in the analysis ordered on disease

From: The impact of disease-related impairments on disability and health-related quality of life: a systematic review

References N Disease Impairment Disability HRQL
      Generic Specific
Deyo, 1983 [22] 97 Arthritis Morning stiffness Grip strength SIP physical ARA SIP total SIP psychosocial  
Birrell, 1998 [19] 86 Arthritis OSRA HAQ SF-36  
Kvien, 1998 [29] 1030 Arthritis VAS pain VAS fatigue MHAQ SF-36 AIMS2
Wolfe, 2000 [45] 1773 Arthritis Global GI severity HAQ SF-36  
Angst, 2004 [16] 43 Arthritis cASES pASES DASH SF-36  
Angst, 2005 [17] 79 Arthritis cASES pASES DASH SF-36  
Salaffi, 2005 [39] 244 Arthritis WOMAC-Pain WOMAC-Stiffness WOMAC-Function SF-36  
Rothwell, 1997 [37] 42 Multiple sclerosis EDSS OPCS SF-36  
Sharrack, 1999 [42] 50 Multiple sclerosis EDSS SNRS Barthel Index FIM CAMBS dis. AI SF-36 EuroQol VAS  
Schwartz, 1999 [41] 274 Multiple sclerosis SI Disease steps AI HSQ  
Miller, 2000 [34] 300 Multiple sclerosis EDSS MSFC SIP physical SIP psychosocial SF-36  
Hobart, 2000 [26] 64 Multiple sclerosis EDSS Barthel Index FIM SF-36 Well-being GHQ  
Rasova, 2005 [36] 112 Multiple sclerosis Muscle performance Pulmonary ventilation Barthel Index   MSQL
Rubenstein, 1998 [38] 193 Parkinson's disease HY UPDRS motor FSQ (BADL, IADL) SF-36  
Schrag, 2000 [40] 79 Parkinson's Disease H&Y UPDRS motor PDQ-39 ADL EuroQol VAS SF-36 PDQ-39
Franchignoni, 2005 [23] 70 Parkinson's Disease BBS PCS UPDRS-ADL   PDQ-39
de Haan, 1993 [21] 81 Stroke Mathew Orgogozo SSS NIHSS CNS Barthel Index SIP  
Gottlieb, 2001 [25] 100 Stroke Clas. Reding FIM LSI-a  
Fuhrer, 1992 [24] 140 Spinal Cord Injury ASIA FIM LSI-a  
May, 2002 [33] 98 Spinal Cord Injury ASIA FIM   QLI
Marx, 2001 [32] 42 Knee disorders AAOS Lysholm scale KOS-ADL SF-36  
Paxton, 2003 [35] 110 Patellar dislocation Fulkerson Kujala IKDC Lysholm Tegner   MFA
MacDermid, 2001 [31] 70 Elbow pathology ASES pain PREE pain DASH SF-36  
Beaton, 1996 [18] 90 Shoulder disorder Elevation of the shoulder SST pASES SF-36 (acute version)  
Lindeboom, 1998 [30] 64 Cervical dystonia Tsui TWSTRS-P TWSTRS-D SF-20  
Vinik, 2005 [44] 262 Diabetic neuropathy TNS QOL-DN ADL   QOL-DN
Kahn, 2001 [28] 86 Facial nerve paralysis FaCE FDI – physical functioning   FDI – social-well being
Cleary, 1993 [20] 189 AIDS Extreme pain Total symptom score FSQ (BADL, IADL) ORLS Mental Health  
Speyer, 2004 [43] 77 Chronic dysphonia Voice disorder severity Impairment daily living   VHI
Hu, 2005 [27] 58 COPD Breathlessness (VAS) BDI PSFDQ-Act SF-36  
Zachariae, 2002 [46] 6497 Psoriasis PASI Severity PDI   PLSI
  1. Abbreviations (in alphabetic order):
  2. AAOS: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons sports knee-rating scale. AI: Ambulation Index. AIMS2: Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales revised. ARA: American Rheumatism Association's functional classes. ASIA: Total Motor Index Score. (p)cASES: (patient) clinical American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons questionnaire. BBS: Berg Balance Scale. BDI: Baseline Dyspnea Index. CAMBS: Cambridge Multiple Sclerosis Basic Score. CNS: Canadian Neurological Scale. COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. DASH: Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand questionnaire. EDSS: Kurtzke Expanded Disability Scale. FaCE: Facial Clinimetric Evaluation. FDI: Facial Disability Index. FIM: Functional Independence Measure. FSQ: Functional Status Questionnaire (BADL: basic activities of daily life, IADL: instrumental activities of daily life). GHQ: General Health Questionnaire. Global GI severity: global gastrointestinal severity. HAQ: Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire functional disability index. HSQ: Health Status Questionnaire. H&Y: Hoehn and Yahr. IKDC: International Knee Documentation Committee form. KOS: Knee Outcome Scale. LSIa: Life Satisfaction Index, version A. MFA: Musculoskeletal Function Assessment. MHAQ: Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire. MSFC: Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite. MSQL: Multiple Sclerosis Quality of life scale. NIHSS: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale. OPCS: Office of Population Census and Survey disability scale. ORLS: Overall Rating of Life Satisfaction. OSRA: Overall Status measure for Rheumatoid Arthritis. PASI: Psoriasis Area and Severity Index. PCS: Postural Changes Scale. PDI: Psoriasis Disability Index. PDQ-39: Parkinson Disease Questionnaire. PFSDQ-Act: Pulmonary Functional Status and Dyspnea Questionnaire. PLSI: Psoriasis Life Stress Inventory. PREE: Patient-rated Elbow Evaluation. QLI: Ferrans and Powers Quality of life Index. QOL-DN: Norfolk Quality of life Questionnaire-Diabetic Neuropathy. SF-20: Medical Outcome Study 20-Item Short-Form Health Survey. SF-36: Medical Outcome Study 36-Item. SI: Symptom Inventory. SNRS: Scripps Neurological Rating Scale. SSS: Scandinavian Stroke Scale. SST: Simple Shoulder Test. TNS: Total Neuropathy Score. TWSTRS-P(D): Toronto Western Spasmodic Torticollis Rating Scale-Pain(Disability). UPDRS: Unified Parkinson' Disease Rating Scale. VHI: Voice Handicap Index. WOMAC; Western Ontario and McMaster Universities.