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Table 2 Unplanned events at intervention worksites in the Women at work project.

From: Workplace restructurings in intervention studies – a challenge for design, analysis and interpretation

Types (and numbers) of worksites Changes at worksites Change of key personnel Other
Municipal elderly care (1) Several mergers Project leader, Chief/manager Municipal restructuring
Municipal care (2) Closed, Downsized Project leader External consultant
Hospital health care (9 units) Downsized Chief/manager .
Municipal health care (1) Restructured, Merged . .
Library (1) Downsized . .
Industrial canteens (2) Restructured Project leader, Chief/manager Smoking policy
Cleaning company A (2) . . Quality development process
Cleaning company B (2) Restructured Project leader, Chief/manager .
Hospital cleaning (4) Closed, Downsized Chief/manager .
Retail trade and industry (3) Restructured . Competence development
Food industry (2) Downsized Project leader Work environment screening