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Table 1 Cancers

From: Deploying a clinical innovation in the context of actor-patient consultations in general practice: A prelude to a formal clinical trial

Diagnosis: Presenting as
Session 1: Session 2:
1. Lung cancer: haemoptysis 1. Colorectal cancer: Iron deficiency Anaemia
2. Non cancer patient: repeat prescription 2. Lung cancer: Smoker with stridor
3. Colorectal cancer: Diarrhoea and rectal bleeding 3. Breast cancer: Paget's disease presenting in the context of a history of atopic eczema
4. Colorectal cancer: Persistent diarrhoea 4. Lung cancer: Ex-smoker with cough and loss of appetite of 3 months duration
5. Breast cancer: Breast lump 5. Colorectal cancer: Diarrhoea and abdominal mass
6. Lung cancer: hoarseness, dyspnea, fatigue and unexplained weight loss 6. Non cancer patient: haemorrhoids