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Table 2 Seven-category response scale used for 45 of 47 items in the checklist for implementation (Ch-IMP)

From: Development, inter-rater reliability and feasibility of a checklist to assess implementation (Ch-IMP) in systematic reviews: the case of provider-based prevention and treatment programs targeting children and youth

a No, not considered The dimension is not formally considered in the review.
b No, intended but unable No, the review intended to address the dimension but was unable to on the basis of limited information provided in primary studies.
c No, intended but not reported No, the review intended to report on the measure of interest but no information is provided in the analysis or discussion section.
d Yes, quantitative unsynthesised Yes, descriptive information is provided on the dimension for one or more studies (e.g., in a narrative summary or table in an appendix) but the information is not synthesised across studies.
e Yes, quantitative synthesised Yes, descriptive quantitative information is synthesised across studies (e.g., percentage or range provided in a table or narratively).
f Yes, linked to meta-analysis Yes, the dimension is linked to meta-analysis; effect measures calculated.
g Other Information on the dimension is provided that is unclear, ambiguous or does not fit the above categories. The measure of interest has been considered but is homogenous. Please comment on why this response category was selected.