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Table 4 For YPs only: Number who consented to participate in ALSPAC and outcomes regarding consent for data linkage, for opt-in and opt-out arms of the trial (the number and percentage in each arm are shown)

From: A randomised controlled trial comparing opt-in and opt-out home visits for tracing lost participants in a prospective birth cohort study

Number of YPs who consented to participate in ALSPAC Opt-in N = 3 Opt-out N = 24a
Data linkage discussed 3 (100 %) 22 (92 %)
Consent to at least one type of data linkageb 3 (100 %) 22 (92 %)
Consent to any data linkage refused 0 (0 %) 0 (0 %)
  1. aExcluding the participant who gave consent by telephone
  2. bLinkage to the following routine records: Health, School, Higher Education, Benefits, Earnings and Employment, Criminal Convictions and Cautions