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Table 3 Overview of the real data example: a comparative meta-analysis of the RK39 dipstick and direct agglutination test (DAT) for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis. The total sample size (N) and availability of test results (X) is given for all 10 studies. Other tests: IFAT=indirect fluorescent antibody test, KAtex =latex agglutination test, spleen =parasitological examination of tissue aspirates including spleen sample, no spleen: parasitological examination of tissue aspirates not including spleen sample

From: A general framework for comparative Bayesian meta-analysis of diagnostic studies

Study information Index tests Reference test
Publication Country RK39 DAT KAtex IFAT Spleen No Spleen N
Boelaert-1999 Sudan   X   X   X 59
Boelaert-2004 Nepal X X   X X   309
Boelaert-2008 Nepal X X X   X   158
Boelaert-2008 India X X X   X   352
Boelaert-2008 Kenya X X X   X   307
Boelaert-2008 Ethiopia X X X   X   35
Boelaert-2008 Sudan X X X   X   291
de Assis-2012 Brazil X X   X   X 407
Toz-2004 Turkey X    X   X 42
Veeken-2003 Sudan X X    X   77