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Table 2 Draft search strategy for Medline for Stage 2 systematic literature review and audit

From: Protocol-developing meta-ethnography reporting guidelines (eMERGe)

1 metaethnograph*.mp.
2 meta ethnograph*.mp.
3 Meta-ethnograph*.mp.
4 qualitative evidence synthes?
6 (qualitative adj2 (review or systematic or overview)).mp.
7 (“third order” adj2 construct*).mp.
8 (“line* of argument” or “line*-of-argument”)
9 (metanarrative or meta narrative or meta-narrative or metasynthes?s or meta synthes?s or meta-synthes?s).mp.
10 or/1–9
  1. When searching bibliogrpahic databases 'wildcards' are used in a search query to represent unknown characters.In MEDLINE, the asterisk (*) represents any group of characters, including no character and a question mark (?) represents any single character, e.g. 'meta synthes?s' will find 'meta syntheses' and 'meta synthesis.'