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Table 1 Key Points Addressed in the Body Measurements Video

From: Reliability and criterion validity of self-measured waist, hip, and neck circumferences

• Exact measurements are very important
• Tape Measure
 • Printing
 • Verifying accuracy
 • Assembly
• Waist circumference
 • Remove clothing or wear tight fitting clothing
 • How to hold the tape
 • Placement of tape over belly button
 • Keep tape flat and snug against skin
 • Use a mirror to ensure accurate tape placement
 • Inhale then exhale
 • Draw tape in to determine measurement
 • Record measurement
 • Repeat measurement
• Hip circumferencea
• Neck circumferencea
  1. aSame steps as in waist circumference. Placement for hips was at the fullest part of buttocks. Placement for neck was estimated as the halfway point between the collar bone and chin (at the point of the larynx) with eyes focused straight ahead