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Table 1 Previous studies reporting adherence to HU treatment in SCA

From: Rationale and design of mDOT-HuA study: a randomized trial to assess the effect of mobile-directly observed therapy on adherence to hydroxyurea in adults with sickle cell anemia in Tanzania

Author, Year Study design Sample size and population Adherence assessment method % adherence
Thornburg et al., 2010 [12] Single site, cross sectional 75 (3.5–17.8 years) Visit adherence, Morisky score, provider report, Pharmacy-refill 82, 84, 77, 49 respectively
Thornburg et al., 2010 [13] Multisite randomized controlled trial (Baby HUG) 153, 9 months–1.5 years 80 % of liquid medication taken by volume remaining at study visit 89
Ware et al., 2002 [10] Multisite randomized controlled trial (HUG-KIDS) 53, 5–15 years Pill count 94
Kinney et al., 1999 [9] Multisite randomized controlled trial (HUG-KIDS) 84, 5–15 y ears Pill count 74
Candrilli et al., (2011) [4] Retrospective insurance claims 312, mean age 21 years Medication possession ratio 35