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Table 3 Estimated instantaneous total, natural direct, natural indirect, and relative natural indirect effects for the monotonic mediation model for child adaptation as a function of family functioning as mediated by difficulty controlling for having Crohn’s disease or a bowel disorder and as moderated by having diabetes with independent omitted factors or errors

From: Incorporating nonlinearity into mediation analyses

Diabetesa Family functioning Instantaneous total effect Instantaneous natural direct effect Instantaneous natural indirect effect Relative instantaneous natural indirect effect
no 1 931.5 931.4 0.1 <0.001
no 2 235.8 232.8 3.0 0.013
no 3 126.3 103.5 22.8 0.181
no 4 154.4 58.2 96.1 0.623
  1. aThere was no mediation for the diabetes = yes case