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Table 1 The European Hospital Georges Pompidou (HEGP) and the University Hospital of Münster (UKM) Electronic Health Records Terminologies

From: Leveraging the EHR4CR platform to support patient inclusion in academic studies: challenges and lessons learned

Category Terminology used
Biological results Local (partially mapped to LOINC) Local
Clinical parameters (pulse, temperature, …) Local Local
Diagnosis (final discharge) ICD-10 ICD10-GM
Medical Procedures CCAM (French medical procedure coding system) OPS (German procedure coding system)
Drug Prescriptions ATC Local
Clinical Reports None (free-text) None (free-text)
Demographic data Local Local
Complementary test reports None (free-text) None (free-text)
Pathological diagnosis ADICAP (French terminology for pathology) TNM
Chemotherapy Prescriptions Local ATC