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Table 6 Information gained in the analysis process QALY in both arms, where an artificial censoring around 30 percents has been created

From: On the censored cost-effectiveness analysis using copula information

Modelisation process Control arm Acupuncture arm
Kendall’s tau \((\hat {\tau }_{K})\) −0.1388 −0.1011
QALY distribution \(T_{adj} \sim \mathcal {N}(\hat {\mu }_{T_{adj}}=0.7133, \hat {\sigma }_{T_{adj}}=0.1026)\) \(T_{adj} \sim \mathcal {N}(\hat {\mu }_{T_{adj}}=0.7304, \hat {\sigma }_{T_{adj}}=0.1005)\)
Selected copula family Gaussian Gaussian
Copula parameter \((\hat {\theta })\) −0.2163 −0.1582