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Table 2 Description of case study sites and period of observation

From: Conducting a team-based multi-sited focused ethnography in primary care

Number of registered patients Location of practice and level of deprivation Types of alternative to the F2F consultation No of days spent in observation
18,353 Inner city, Depriveda phone e-consultations, isolated use of email 25
8954 Inner city, Depriveda phone, isolated use of email 19
15,000 Inner city, Mixeda phone, e-consultations & isolated use of email 18
1938 Rural, Mixedb phone, video 8
7196 Inner city, Deprivedb phone, e-consultations, isolated use of email 17
13,778 Semi-rural, Affluenta phone, email 25
13,511 Semi-rural, Mixeda phone, email 16
6597 Inner city, Affluenta phone, email 11
  1. aMeasured by the Index of Multiple Deprivation score
  2. bMeasured by Percentage of practice patients living in data zones defined as the 15% most deprived (population weighted)