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Table 2 Interview schedule

From: Learning from older peoples’ reasons for participating in demanding, intensive epidemiological studies: a qualitative study

Demographic/background data
1. How old are you?
2. Do you have a spouse?
3. Do you have any children/grandchildren?
4. How active are you? Do you do any regular exercise?
5. Co-morbidities
Initial thoughts
Could you describe how you found out about the study? What were your thoughts initially?
What appealed to you most?
Third party role
Have you spoken to anyone about the study? Did they encourage or discourage you?
How did you decide that you want to take part? What are the advantages of taking part in this study? (consider personal, familial, wider societal benefits)?
What were your fears/concerns about taking part? How have you dealt with them?
Barriers to participation
Do you have any conditions or illnesses that make participation in this study troublesome or inconvenient?
Impression of the study
What is your impression of the study so far? Are there any aspects you liked or disliked in particular? (ask about phone calls, home visit, journey, venue, staff, procedures, assessments, scans, meals)
Would you be happy to participate again if asked?
Other studies
Have you taken part in any other studies (within Hertfordshire Cohort Study or not)?