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Fig. 6

From: Comparison of nuisance parameters in pediatric versus adult randomized trials: a meta-epidemiologic empirical evaluation

Fig. 6

Standardized control-group-effect SDs (CE-SDs) of pediatric and adult trials within each meta-analysis for meta-analyses with continuous outcomes. Each horizontal bar represents one meta-analysis; white square = pediatric trial; black diamond = adult trial; max SD = the SD of the meta-analysis’s study with the maximum effect-size CE-SD. Reading graph: Example: the first row shows that in this meta-analysis there were fifteen studies: fourteen adult studies and one pediatric study. The largest SD was an adult study. The other adult studies’ CE-SDs ranged from 22% to 64% of the value of the largest, while the lone pediatric study had an SD that was 66% that of the adult study

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