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Table 1 TIDieR checklista

From: Getting messier with TIDieR: embracing context and complexity in intervention reporting

TIDieR item Brief description
1. Brief Name Name or phrase describing the intervention.
2. Why Rationale, theory, or goal of elements essential to intervention.
3. What (materials) Physical or informational materials used, and where they can be accessed.
4. What (procedure) Procedures, activities, and/or processes used in the intervention, including any enabling or support activities.
5. Who provided Background, expertise of provider, and training given.
6. How Modes of delivery, delivered to group or individual.
7. Where Type of location.
8. When and How Much Number of times, number of sessions, intensity and over what time period delivered.
9. Tailoring What, why, when, and how of planned personalisation/adaptation.
10. Modification What, why, when and how of intervention modification during study.
11. How well (planned) If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe how and by whom, and if any strategies were used to maintain or improve fidelity.
12. How Well (actual) If intervention adherence or fidelity was assessed, describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned.
  1. aAdapted from Hoffmann et al. 2014: Better reporting of interventions: template for intervention description and replication (TIDieR) checklist and guide [5]