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Fig. 2

From: Advantages of a multi-state approach in surgical research: how intermediate events and risk factor profile affect the prognosis of a patient with locally advanced rectal cancer

Fig. 2

a, b: Stacked transition probabilities. Transition probabilities starting from state 1 - begin of CTx - at t = 0 for the high risk patient (a) and for the low risk patient (b) as defined in the results section. The term ´stacked´ means that all transition probability curves are plotted on top of each other; the difference between 2 curves indicates the transition probability from state 1 to the state with the name written between the curves. States 1 and 2 have been merged to one state ‘CTx < 12’ (meaning under treatment with CTx) since the transition between them does not represent an event with a clinical meaning

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