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Table 3 Personnel required to operate the adherence club and their responsibilities

From: A realist approach to eliciting the initial programme theory of the antiretroviral treatment adherence club intervention in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Cadre category Personnel type Responsibility
Club Manager • Medical doctor
• Professional nurse
• Ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to
• Schedule annual return dates for club visits
• Perform six monthly scripting of club patients
• Monitor outcomes
Club Nurse • Professional nurse • Responsible for seeing patients who present with unexpected weight-loss and/or symptomatic for opportunistic infections and or adverse drug reactions
• Collects blood for annual viral load and CD4 count screenings
Club Facilitator • Clinic counsellor
• Community health worker
• Preparing and running the club sessions
• Making sure pre-pack medications are available and distributing them
• Filling in the club register
• Giving peer education and counselling
Pharmacist • Pharmacist
• Pharmacy assistant
• Ensures scripts are submitted and pre-packs are received and correct
• Dispensing the ARVs and packaging the medication for the clubs (Chronic Dispensing Unit)
Data capturer • Data capturer • Captures the information on the club activities including the visit, the weight and any results entered.
‘Expert’ patient • Patient • Could be involved in medication distribution
• Could also contribute to group education