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Table 2 Point estimates of the parameters of the deterministic ODE-based model obtained through a frequentist probabilistic calibration approach

From: A dynamic Bayesian Markov model for health economic evaluations of interventions in infectious disease

Parameter Description Point estimate
ω M H Partner acquisition rate (high-risk males) 8.3515
ω M L Partner acquisition rate (low-risk males) 2.4526
ω F H Partner acquisition rate (high-risk females) 8.3836
ω F L Partner acquisition rate (low-risk females) 1.6085
χ Proliferation parameter 0.0100
β STI transmission probability per partnership 0.1639
π 2,3 Transition parameter from state 2 to state 3 0.7957
π 3,4 Transition parameter from state 3 to state 4 0.0891
π 4,5 Transition parameter from state 4 to state 5 0.0232
π 1,5 Transition parameter from state 1 to state 5 0.0005
  1. The parameter set θ with the best fit to simulated data minimises the sum of squared errors