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Table 1 Reasons provided for refusing an interview

From: Quality of randomized controlled trials of new generation antidepressants and antipsychotics identified in the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI): a literature and telephone interview study

Reasons for refusal Number
Somebody else conducted this study, and I don’t have his number now. 11
“Busy” for 3 times 11
Too old that I cannot remember 9
I’m not willing to answer / This is not a good time for me. 8
Mistook me (interviewer) as an individual from a ghostwriting company and refused to listen anymore 4
Do not call me anymore. 3
Refused contact through other routes 2
I looked up some similar studies and made the data up. 1
I need my leader’s permission about these things, so I cannot talk more. 1
I only published this paper for my promotion, and it means nothing to you. 1
Total 51