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Table 1 Description of variables from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children used in the simulation study for respondent i at wave j

From: Multiple imputation methods for handling missing values in a longitudinal categorical variable with restrictions on transitions over time: a simulation study

Variable Type Grouping/Units Label
Study child’s BMI for agea Continuous z-score BMIzij
Maternal smoking Categorical 0 = Never-smoker 1 = Ex-smoker m_smokingij
   2 = Current-smoker  
Maternal depression Categorical 0 = No m_depressionij
   1 = Yes  
Maternal age at child birth Continuous Years m_agei
Maternal education Categorical 0 = Not completed 1 = Completed m_educationi
Breastfeeding Categorical 0 = No 1 = Yes breastfedi
Family socio-economic status Continuous z-score sesi
Study child’s sex Categorical 0 = Female 1 = Male sexi
Study child’s birth weight Continuous kilograms birthweighti
Study child’s age Continuous Months scageij
  1. Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index
  2. aRaw BMI measurements converted into BMI for age z-scores using the 2000 Centre for Disease Control growth charts