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Table 4 Types and number of research activities undertaken by service users through the SUCCESS model 2008–2015

From: A co-produced method to involve service users in research: the SUCCESS model

Type of research activity Number of times activity occurred Service user role Number of individuals involved Total number of times a SUCCESS member was involveda
Consultation to develop research ideas 5 Focus group participants considering options for research 9 41
Bid developmentb 12 Involvement in research development groups; commenting on research applications; named co-applicant 6 35
Research Management Group membership 6 Member of the group overseeing management and implementation of research projects 7 40
Intervention development 5 Group discussions with researchers to develop an intervention for a research study 13 31
Research tasks 4 Extracting data
Piloting interview schedule
Analysing data
9 33
Dissemination 16 Co-authoring abstracts and posters
Making oral presentations
Attending conferences
8 38
  1. aSome individuals were involved more than once
  2. bBid development activity led to four proposals submitted for funding, three of which were successful