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Table 1 Search terms and databases used to obtain abstracts

From: Comparison of psychometric properties between recall methods of interview-based physical activity questionnaires: a systematic review

Initial search: Assessment retrieval Database and Search Terms Limitations
Subject Headings Embase: (Questionnaire/) AND (Physical capacity/ OR “physical constitution and health”/ OR “movement (physiology)”/ OR “physical activity, capacity and performance”/ OR Exercise/ OR Performance/ OR Motor performance/) AND (Validation study/ OR validity/ OR Psychometry/ OR Reliability/ OR Measurement accuracy/ OR measurement error/ OR measurement precision/ OR measurement repeatability/) Humans; English; Adult: 18 to 64 years OR Aged: 65+ years
PubMed: (“Physical Conditioning, Human”[Mesh] OR “Physical Fitness”[Mesh] OR “Physical Therapy Modalities”[Mesh] OR “Physical Endurance”[Mesh] OR “Physical Exertion”[Mesh] OR “Exercise”[Mesh] OR “Motor Activity”[Mesh] OR “Exercise”[Mesh] OR “Exercise Movement Techniques”[Mesh] OR “Exercise Therapy”[Mesh] OR “Psychomotor Performance”[Mesh] OR “Motor Skills”[Mesh] OR “Motor Activity”[Mesh]) AND (“Surveys and Questionnaires”[Mesh]) AND (“Psychometrics”[Mesh] OR “Reproducibility of Results”[Mesh] OR “Validation Studies as Topic”[Mesh] OR “Bias (Epidemiology)”[Mesh] OR “Observer Variation”[Mesh]) Humans; English; Adult: 19+ years
Free Text Words Embase: (questionnaire*) AND (physic* OR movement* OR capacit* OR exercise* OR train* OR performance* OR motor) AND (psychometric* OR reliability OR validit* OR reproducibility OR bias) Publication date from 2017 – current
PubMed: As per Embase Free Text Publication date from 2016/12/09 to 2017/06/09