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Table 1 Study characteristics for pilot surveys 1 and 2

From: Methods to increase response rates to a population-based maternity survey: a comparison of two pilot studies

Pilot survey 1 2
Year of survey 2016 2017
Region England (nine regions – former GOR*) England (nine regions – former GOR*)
Number of women sampled 1000 2000
Period of birth July 2016 March 2017
Baby age at recruitment 3 months 3 months
Pre-notification No Yes
Time of initial mail out October 2016 June 2017
Modes of response available Postal
Telephone (interpretation service)
Telephone (interpretation service)
Quick response (QR) codes No Yes
Number of reminders 1 2
Timing of reminders +  4 weeks: reminder questionnaire
(week 5)
+  4 weeks: reminder questionnaire
(week 5)
+  10 weeks: reminder questionnaire
(week 11)
Length of questionnaire 20 pages 16 pages
Design of questionnaire Based on previous National Maternity Surveys More user-friendly language
More engaging appearance
  1. *Government Office Regions