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Table 5 Collections

From: Prospective multicenter randomized patient recruitment and sample collection to enable future measurements of sputum biomarkers of inflammation in an observational study of cystic fibrosis

Collection Type Enrollment First Pulmonary Exacerbation Onseta First Pulmonary Exacerbation Convalescence Additional Exacerbation End of Study Follow Upb
Clinical Data 114 92 36 10 72
Samples 114c 52 29 8 62
  1. aFollow up varied and sometimes exceeded one year to the first exacerbation. Among enrolled patients, 81% had an exacerbation during the study. However, the observed percentage of patients with exacerbations within 1 year was lower, 47%, and was similar to the 44% reported in annualized 2014 CFFPR data for this cohort of patients (Table 4)
  2. bQueries for data from the end-of-study are ongoing at the time of submission
  3. c114 samples were collected, however, only 112 were sufficient in size to allow laboratory analyses