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Table 2 Recommendations for how to support recruitment

From: Obstacles to recruitment in paediatric studies focusing on mental health in a physical health context: the experiences of clinical gatekeepers in an observational cohort study

Study design:
 o Maximise flexibility in the point of recruitment, having multiple potential points of recruitment where possible
 o Consider how many studies are recruiting from the same setting in parallel and aim to limit this
 o Include gatekeepers at design stage to ensure that all foreseeable problems are addressed as early as possible
 o Carefully consider the name of the study, including consulting with all relevant stakeholders about this
Study information:
 o Make it easy for gatekeepers to access study materials during clinical sessions
 o Use generic and patient specific reminders
Interface with the gatekeepers:
 o Ensure that the gatekeepers understand that content of the study
 o Highlight the positive outcomes of the study and its value
 o Educate gatekeepers about the potential benefits to patients of participating in research
 o Engage a member of the clinical team to champion research