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Table 4 Second part of the questionnaire based on the Likert methodology

From: Health technology assessment (HTA) of optoelectronic biosensors for oncology by analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Likert scale

  (pairwise comparison between sub-dimensions used to evaluate the quality of the structure)
Extremely less important Much less important Less important Slightly less important Equally Important Slightly more important More important Much more important Extremely more important  
Technical Aspect
 Reliability           Technological Efficiency
 Reliability           Technological Safety
 Technological Safety           Technological Efficiency
Clinical Aspects
 Clinical Efficiency           Effectiveness
 Clinical Efficiency           Side Effects
 Effectiveness           Side Effects
Organizational Aspect
 Procedural Complexity           Human Resources
Economic Aspect
 Investments           Usefulness
 Investments           ROS
 ROS           Usefulness
Social, Legal, Ethical Aspects
 Respect for social aspects           Respect for ethical principles
 Respect for social aspects           Respect for legal issues
 Respect for ethical principles           Respect for legal issues