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Table 4 Predicted probability and 95% confidence intervals (CI) of receiving a completed survey

From: Effectiveness of incentives and follow-up on increasing survey response rates and participation in field studies

Sample size (n)Probability of completing survey and 95% CIs (%)Follow-up wavesSurvey lengthSurvey incentive
20721.7 (16.6–27.9)3Short$2
21020.5 (15.6–26.5)3Medium$2
104116.3 (14.2–18.7)3Long$2
80512.0 (10.0–14.5)2Long$2
2198.2 (5.2–12.7)0Long$2
10943.1 (2.2–4.3)0LongGift card
Total = 3576    
  1. Data stratified by number of follow-up waves, survey length and survey incentive. Data calculated excluding non-deliverable surveys