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Table 2 General practice and GP recruitment results (from highest to lowest number of practices recruited)

From: Strategies for recruitment in general practice settings: the iSOLVE fall prevention pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial

Recruitment strategyMailout to GPsOnline survey (GPs, practice staff)Presentation at GP practicesContact via word of mouth within iSOLVE professional networkMedication management workshopiSOLVE webpageUniversity Department of GP presentationClinical audit activityNewsletters and email invitations
Baseline number432 GPs (2015)890 GPs (2016)1400 emails,
41 responses
18 practicesUnknown5 GPs (2015)11 GPs (2016)Unknown30–50 attendeesUnknownUnknown
Informal contact
n = 70 practices
88131810 (allied health n = 4, SNPHN n = 4, GP n = 2)441130
Visited n = 51 practices777186221100
Expressed interest n = 36 practices367123211100
Total recruited n = 27 practices
(% contacted)
Total GPs recruited
n = 75 GPs
Relative cost$$ (postage)Nila$$$ (cateringb)NilNilaNilNilNilaNil
Advantages enabling recruitmentIdentify GPs with interest in fall preventionIdentify GPs with interest in fall preventionFace-to-face promotionIdentify GPs with interest in fall preventionIdentify GPs with interest in fall prevention, face-to-face promotionIncrease awareness for iSOLVEFace-to-face promotion, increase awareness for iSOLVEIncentive for participationIncrease awareness for iSOLVE
Disadvantages and barriers to recruitmentCan get lost amongst other lettersCan get lost amongst other emailsCostly, relevant GPs not available at time of visit,
not available for every practice
Difficult to go through practice staff as the gate keeper of enquiries if the GP(s) did not directly express interestGPs interested in
fall prevention education but not able to participate
in research
Reach unknown, competing with other promotional effortsAudience profile varied and included non-GPs, out of area or non-practising GPsGPs not able or interested to participate in researchCan get lost amongst emails, competing with other promotional efforts
  1. aNo additional costs incurred as the activities were conducted as part of the iSOLVE larger project [4]
  2. bCatering costs for GP practice presentation were higher because catering was considered for all available GPs and staff at the practice rather than being limited to GPs and staff who expressed interest through other strategies