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Table 3 Methods to conduct and/or report a systematic review as suggested in each study

From: Recommendations to conduct and report systematic reviews in medical literature: a scoping review

Methods to conduct and/or report a systematic reviewN (%)¥
Introduction (background, purpose)38 (46%)
Identification of the research question78 (94%)
Definition of research protocol59 (71%)
Definition of eligibility criteria81 (98%)
Execution of literature search79 (95%)
Identification of sources of information76 (92%)
Data selection79 (95%)
Data extraction73 (88%)
Risk of bias/methodological quality assessment81 (98%)
Data analysis82 (99%)
Presentation of results75 (90%)
Interpretation of results66 (80%)
Discussion/conclusion of results60 (72%)
Need and time for updating24 (29%)
Helpful material (tables, graphics, methodological quality assessment scales, flowcharts)30 (36%)
  1. ¥The table presents the number of recommendations that issued each specified method