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Table 1 Summary of the simulation protocol comprising main parameter values, marker and survival time distributions used for each of the simulation scenarios

From: Joint model robustness compared with the time-varying covariate Cox model to evaluate the association between a longitudinal marker and a time-to-event endpoint

a) LOCF and measurement error impact
13.200N(0,Σ11)000Weibull (0.1,1.4)
23.2−0.070N2(0,Σ)1.440.040Weibull (0.1,1.4)
b1) Marker distribution
33.2−0.070BM 1.4400Weibull (0.1,1.4)
43.2−0.070χ2(0.72)1.4400Weibull (0.1,1.4)
53.2−0.070Γ(0.5,1.7)1.4400Weibull (0.1,1.4)
63.2−0.070N(0,Σ11)1.4400Weibull (0.1,1.4)
b2) Marker profile
73.2−0.070.004N3(0,Σ)1.440.60.09Weibull (0.1,1.4)
83.2−0.160.01N3(0,Σ)1.440.60.09Weibull (0.1,1.4)
b3) Baseline hazard
  1. BM denotes a bimodal mixture distribution 0.65N(8,1.44)+0.35N(15,1.44)
  2. h0(t)nonm=νκtκ−1/(c+tκ), where ν=1,κ=2,c=10