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Table 2 Standardised difference between exposure groups for 20,321 participants of the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study with non-missing data on age-related macular degeneration status

From: A comparison of methods to estimate the survivor average causal effect in the presence of missing data: a simulation study

 Iron IntakeStandardised difference
Mean age at follow-up (years)64.164.0−0.02− 0.01
Smoking status (baseline)
Current smoker
 Smoker 1–14 cigarettes/day3.62.9−0.04−0.01
 Smoker > 14 cigarettes/day5.94.4−0.070.03
Education (baseline)
 Less than high/technical school52.144.4−0.160.01
 High/technical school14.014.70.02−0.01
 Trade, tertiary degree or diploma34.
Country of birth
 Northern European80.691.20.310.04
 Southern European19.48.8−0.31−0.04
Physical activity quartile (baseline)
 1 (Least active)22.516.5−0.15−0.04
 4 (Most active)